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Sell Your Established Lead Generation Business with Latona’s

Have you been wondering how much your established online lead generation business is worth, or whether it’s even a saleable asset at all?

Well, provided the website meets a few key criteria, the answer is likely to be yes - in the right hands, that is. In this quick guide, we’ll give you an overview of how an expert professional business broker goes about assessing the value of an established lead generation website.

We’ll also explain how, when you're ready to sell, Latona's will use its unique combination of industry experience, expert insight and wide network of buyer connections to land you the best possible deal for your established brand and its online assets.

Sell my Lead Generation Business

Is your lead generation business a saleable asset?

So how do you figure out whether or not your business is likely to attract buyers in an already crowded, highly competitive marketplace? Well, there are a few ways. Let’s talk about some of the key points to bear in mind.

First things first, a quick check on key terms and definitions: when we talk about a lead generation website, we mean one that serves a range of client companies by converting web traffic into potential customers for a particular brand or service.

The “potential” there is important. As experienced practitioners in the field will know, lead generation (often shortened to “lead gen”) isn’t specifically about selling or deal-closing. Rather, your focus is on sending quality leads - in other words, individuals from targeted demographics who may become customers in future - directly to the client.

Whether or not this eventually results in a sale is a matter for the client in question; the role of the lead gen company is to identify and facilitate that initial connection. Doing it well means hooking your clients up with exactly the sorts of people they’re looking for. In turn, this will theoretically result in a higher percentage of successful transactions on the client side.

Sell my Lead Generation Business

What qualifies as an established business for Latona’s?

Moreover, if you’re doing lead gen well, then yes - it’s very likely you’ll be able to sell your business. In particular, Latona’s specializes in finding buyers for established lead generation websites, meaning companies that meet two important criteria:

  1. 1. Your primary sales outlet is online
  2. 2. Your brand has a demonstrable history (ideally 12 months or longer) of generating quality leads for credible clients

Question: what if you’ve built up a solidly performing lead gen company that’s heading in the right direction, but doesn’t yet meet both of these key criteria, and yet you’re already starting to think about selling up?

In short, we’d be keen to stay in touch. At Latona’s, our longstanding experience and close working knowledge of today’s market tells us you’ll get a far better price if you can check both of the above boxes. (You can read more about exactly how we’ve arrived at this conclusion in the ‘Who is Latona’s?’ section further down the page.)

By way of example, websites we’ve successfully sold for 5, 6, 7 and 8-digit prices include lead gen businesses working for clients in the fields of insurance, transport and car hire, mortgage sales, retail, and education. As soon as your business meets our saleable criteria, come back and talk to us - our established global network of vetted buyers and investors will want to hear about you.

Sell my Lead Generation Business

Metrics Latona's use to value an established lead gen business

In order to sell lead generation business websites at the highest possible returns, it’s vital to carry out a detailed and accurate estimation process in every case. This needs to be based on a broad and diverse range of metrics - and, crucially, performed by someone who actually knows what they’re doing.

Less experienced brokers will often try to sell a lead gen website on the basis of numbers alone. As a lead generation business owner, you know (and we know) that it’s just not that straightforward. Quality lead gen is all about tight targeting: you need to be hitting your core demographics with dead-eye precision, not simply casting the line as far out as possible and hoping for a bite.

Obviously, an established history with detailed proof of earnings will be a good indicator that your assets are highly saleable to investors. It’s a great start. Here at Latona’s, we’ve been in the mergers and acquisitions brokering business for decades - long enough to understand that a deeper dive is also required.

Just as importantly, our buyer networks understand this too. For that reason, other metrics we’ll take into consideration when valuing your lead generation business might include:

  • Volume of generated leads required to reach your revenue
  • Comparative revenue distribution across different client bases and lead approach models
  • Your overall ongoing cost base, including marketing spend
  • The sorts of multiples achieved in comparable precedent deals, and the overall market climate at the time you’re looking to sell

Sell my Lead Generation Business

Who is Latona's?

Our current M&A brokerage model launched in earnest in 2008, although the real roots of our unrivalled industry experience extend much further back than that.

After many years riding the boom-and-bust domains market, 2008 marked the point where Latona’s switched focus for good. We expanded the company significantly, and made a conscious choice to move away from more speculative assets, instead concentrating our decades of collective experience on cash flow-positive web properties.

In short, it proved to be a pretty revelatory decision - for the company, for our buyers, and for our selling clients. As M&A brokers with a clearer focus than many of our competitors, we’ve been able to continue our own rapid growth, while exponentially expanding our portfolio of global vetted investors and completed business sales.

Today, we primarily concentrate our energy and expertise on selling client businesses in the following core areas:

  • Lead Generation
  • Content websites - advertising-supported sites that earn revenue from Google AdSense or other networks
  • eCommerce - established traditional online storefronts, as well as Shopify stores and Amazon FBA seller accounts
  • Domain portfolios - while broadly avoiding trades of undeveloped domain names these days, we still work with some previously developed or parked domains that generate significant revenue through high traffic volumes for desirable keyword search terms
  • Fee-based membership sites
  • Subscription-based Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) businesses

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How Latona's Does it

We’ve talked about our backstory, our unrivalled marketplace insight and experience, and our successful portfolio of completed what are the key ingredients to our track record of successful brokerage? More to the point, what are the headline reasons to work with Latona’s when it’s time to sell your established lead generation business?

Here are the top six reasons we believe you’re always in safe hands with Latona’s:

  1. 1. No upfront fees

    When you come to us with a saleable online business, our input and support begins before you’ve been charged a dime. It starts with that free in-depth value estimation process, carried out by expert professional brokers.

  2. 2. Extensive, highly active buyer network

    Our contact list of highly motivated, fast-moving investors extends across the globe. Our uniquely busy buyers’ market is always on the lookout for saleable brands and opportunities.

  3. 3. Fully guided transactions

    We specialize in supporting and assisting business owners who feel intimidated by the complex process of marketing and selling an established online asset. That’s why each and every client at Latona’s is assigned a dedicated broker to fight your corner at every turn.

  4. 4. Zero pressure situations

    You’ll never be pressured to agree to anything you don’t fully understand, or aren’t 100% happy with - we provide the expert advice, you provide the decision-making power. That’s how it works best, and how it will always work with Latona’s.

  5. 5. Safe Escrow, enhanced security

    Benefit from the added reassurance of our industry-standard, strictly policed and regulated Safe Escrow policies. This is backed up by full legal confidentiality protection (including NDAs and other relevant clauses) around all transfers and financial dealings when you use Latona’s to help sell your business.

  6. 6. Exit strategy consultants

    Because our service involves fully guided transactions throughout, you’re looked after carefully from the outset. This carries right through to closure and sign-off, and even beyond - as experienced exit strategy consultants, we’re more than happy using our vast experience and market savvy to help you plan and strategize your next onward move.

If you’d like to discuss selling your established lead generation website with Latona’s, don’t hesitate to drop us a line today: let’s make it happen.

Answers to Frequent Questions.

  • NDA’s are signed for your protection, all information is confidential.
  • No matter how unique your business is we always have the right buyers.
  • We help transfer your business and inventory seamlessly to the new buyer.
  • We get the highest multiple's in the industry for our clients. There is always a team of brokers that are working on finding buyers for your business.
  • Largest group of global vetted buyers in the industry.
  • Our weekly newsletter goes out to 20,000+ buyers, and growing.

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